Sunday, March 6, 2011


This morning I slept late and woke up worried about my "long run." I'm supposed to do 7 miles today. Lately I haven't made it through an entire run without walking (or being attacked by the Brown Monster).

I feel low and slow.

My feelings didn't get any brighter when I checked my training plan and saw the 4-miler that I did yesterday (rescheduled from Friday due to rain) was supposed to be 5. Ugh! I shorted myself a whole mile!

This plan is starting to get confusing :(

So.... I decided to look back at last year's posts from this time and see what I was blogging about. Maybe I'd find some hidden motivation.

March 5, 2010: I had just won Katye's Road ID giveaway! That was a huge moment for me. I remember feeling "accepted" into the blogging world by winning that ID. I wear it on every run and entered about 5 more giveaways after that to win one for my husband. I was unsuccessful. But I did make him use a $2-off coupon we got from a race to order one. Now we're both properly ID'd on our runs. Thanks Katye for making my day :)

March 7, 2010: I was seeking Yoga advice. We had gotten a Wii Fit for Christmas and I had been doing Yoga on the balance board. I posted about purchasing a yoga mat and DVD and trying "real" yoga for the first time. I wasn't very impressed with the DVD. I have since joined a gym and catch a yoga class at least once a month if not more. I know I'll be more consistent in the summer :) I love yoga now! Thanks for the advice bloggy people!

I noticed a much brighter person last year. Someone not beaten down by miles and a training plan. Someone who was still stretching her laces with running and who didn't know how far she could go yet. Though it has been months since I've seen this distance I know I can do it as evidence by these previous posts:

Distance P-frickin-R and Rock N' Roll Chicago

So now I just need to get my shoes on and do this. Pick a route that is long enough and that has bathroom stops. And hope that someone comments on this before I get back :)


  1. haha glad i could make you happy...AND SAFE!

  2. It is more than ok to walk during a long run...or any run for that matter. As your distance goes up you may need to biggie. The important thing is you are learning to be on your feet that long...not that you can run the whole time.

    The brown monster...I visited the toilet this morning before a run but within the first mile I thought I wasn't as successful as I really thought. 3 miles later I was "hiding" behind a bush hoping the no one looked out their apartment window. Like a cat, I covered it up and finished my run in comfort. I still don't know the trick to keep the brown monster scared and hidden.

    You are doing great with your training. YOU CAN DO IT!