Sunday, March 7, 2010


I have really enjoyed my Wii fit yoga routines. It was a great way to introduce myself to the moves. However, the balance board is really awkward when trying to do some of those poses, so I've decided to graduate to the "real world" of yoga. While shopping at Target I found the Gaiam Yoga For Beginners with Patricia Walden on sale for $7. I couldn't pass it up. The other Yoga DVDs were about $15 each. I though it was super nice because it came with a multi-page pose guide which will help me out alot. The only poses I'm familiar with are the ones from Wii.

I'm planning on previewing it and letting you know how it went. But what I'm looking for from you is some Yoga advice. Those of you who have done yoga before, did you like it? I know Nikki has made it part of her training program and Katye gave an opinion on it from her running coach's point of view. I also know Jill is all about the Hot Yoga she's done in Madison and has had an "eye opening experience" with yoga at EIU. I know you kids know a lot about this stuff.....well, more than I do anyway.

So, again I'm asking for advice. Are their any DVDs you'd recommend? What is the advantage of going to a yoga class at a studio or gym? Does it do anything for a runner? Any help is appreciated :)


  1. I know nothing about yoga. I will follow you to see what YOU have to say as you learn. Good luck.

  2. I just started doing yoga last fall and I feel like it does me so much good! It takes away a lot of the tension and tightness after a run and I haven't had any of the knee or hip pain since starting it that I used to get. My flexibility and balance are a lot better too. It also help calm my mind if I'm stressed.

    I don't have a class I can go to (rural area...not many options) but I've been using this Yoga for Runners DVD I found on amazon: It's nice because it's broken into a warm up, main practice & cool down and you can do the warm up before a run and the cool down after if you don't want to do the whole thing. There's really only one pose I find impossible. She's really easy to follow and explains the movement really well too. I think especially at first, I would have been self conscious about being awkward in an actual class.

    I'm curious how you like the one you got! I'd like to try a new one!

  3. I LOVE YOGA!! I only wish I did it more often.

    Yoga really helps with running - not only is it great way to stretch after running but it helps with your flexibility and makes you stronger which reduces your risk for injuries.

    I do yoga at my gym and also bikram (hot yoga). Hot yoga is an amazing workout. It takes some getting used to but people who do hot yoga on a regular basis have amazing bodies - toned, strong, flexible. It is a tough workout though - not like what you think of when you think of yoga.

    I like the yoga at my gym when I want to relax but also get in a good stretching session.

    One thing I was surprised to see with yoga was how much my heart rate rose during some of the positions since I don't think of it as "cardio."

    Hope that kinda helps you.