Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hills and Stuff

Sunday was Long Run day. With Husband out of town that meant that I was long-runnin' on my own :( That's how it usually ends up anyway.....he's too tall for me to keep up with for any long distance :(

Anyway.....I was bored with running around here and I've established a 2-week running ban on The Trail because it is still covered in snow......so, I mapped out a route through our old neighborhood. Gosh I miss that place! There's a great bike path that meets up with a path that runs through a state park.

Once I made it to the park, there were some killer hills! I slow trudged them all :( But I made it the whole 8-miles. There was an actual toilet about half-way through :) And I used my camelbak which helped keep me hydrated! Plus I raided the GU supply at Dick's Supporting Goods in anticipation of winning Run, Zoe, Run's GU Giveaway! I felt totally awesome, even though I was slow.

Today I had 3 miles on the schedule. Bentley and I stomped out these miles in just over 30 minutes. It was great! I felt pleasantly winded when I was done. He also seemed a tired.

**Giveaway Reminders***

So my I giveaway luck seems to be running low, but I'm going to keep trying!

Remember Run, Zoe, Run is hosting a mega GU Giveaway!

Also, I Have Run is hosting a 2Toms product giveaway! This stuff helps protect your skin from chaffing and blisters even better than Glide. Click on over and check it out.

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