Sunday, March 27, 2011

Penguin in the Park 5K

Saturday started early for Sister and I. Her friend met us at her apartment at 6:45 am. She came with to cheer us on and be Bentley's handler for the morning. One of these days I'll find a race that allows dogs! He'd love it!

After we found our way to Decatur it was still pretty chilly out. Packets picked up, chips strapped on, t-shirt inspected....we were ready!

Sister asked me for my fastest 5k time (29:15). Her response, "Great! That means that today we'll run it in 28." My response, "Ha! Good luck!" I didn't feel like I was in the shape to run that. I was channeling some serious speed when I ran that in October. Didn't think I'd make it that fast today.

Us in our "custom made" Sister Penguin 2011 shirts :)
"My Penguin Waddles Faster Than Your Penguin!"

When the gun sounded we were jostled a little because there were so many people. Organizers say that it was a record turn out. Sister and I took off. I was feeling good so I didn't do my normal slow down at the beginning to conserve energy. We kept pushing it until mile 2 .5 when I started to slow down. I really felt like I was dragging at this point. Thanks to Sister, I was able to pull through. When we came over the last hill I was so happy to see the finish line that I pulled out some serious speed. Sister and I finished together and both took 6th place in our age groups. My official time was 28:00.4!!!!! Ah! I couldn't believe it! I was screaming and shouting so much as I crossed the finish line that the photos are goofy :)

Check out our serious speed!!!
The Blur Sisters :)

Overall, it was an awesome race! I was so happy that I could run it with Sister and even happier to PR by so much!!!

Happy Penguins :)


  1. Outstanding! I love the smiles on both of your faces.

    I did a race once that allowed dogs and I don't even have one. My SIL did though.

  2. So much fun!! Thanks for doing the race with me, too :)

  3. Congrats on a great time!! Your speed picture is awesome, too!