Thursday, March 24, 2011

Smooth 4 miles

Husband and I met for a quick 4 miles after work today. I had brought my running clothes to school with me and did a quick change after I shoo'd those kiddos out the door! 3 people stopped me to ask me if I was running. They also commented on my great choice of colors :)

We have run this path before, but we usually start at a local high school and run toward the park. However, school was still in session and we couldn't park there until much later. So we decided to park at the park and run toward the high school. It was nice. Gentle hills, nothing too steep. We were able to chat and kept a great pace together. I love him!!!

I'm going to start cleaning my house in a few moments. I'm having people over after work and don't want to show them a crappy house. After they leave I'm heading to visit my sister with Mr. Bentley. Our first race is on Saturday!!! Yay!

And then it's time for Spring Break!!!

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