Sunday, March 20, 2011


Spring his here!!!

Too bad it's raining here or I'd be out for 6 miles right now. Boo!

Husband and I had a great 6 mile run on Friday. The best part was the end. We kept an easy 10:30 average pace the whole time so I had some "kick" left in me. I was able to stride out in front of him and beat him to our "finish line"!!!!

First Time Ever!!!

This coming Saturday I'm heading down to visit SissyPants so we can run our first race of the year together. This will be a quick 5K before we go apartment hunting for her. Should be fun. I'm feeling good.

Hey! Look what I did today!Happy Running!


  1. First off, Yay 5K!! You'll get to meet some of the dietitians I will be working with since they are going to be at the race, too.

    Second, my egg will not do that...and I have been trying

  2. I finished my report cards except for the final touches. But there is always something hanging over my head that needs doing at school. Good luck on yours.

  3. wow, great job on your 6 miles!and awesome picture of the egg :)