Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Word Vomit

For lack of anything better to write about here's a list:

1. My ITB doesn't hurt today. Sadly it's back to high 30's for the temp :( I'm a wimp these days.

2. Saw Rango with Husband after school. So funny! Go see it.

3. Watched 4 of my students give speeches today during our elementary forensics competition. One of my girls has down syndrome and she has a lot of difficulty with physically speaking. However, with the help of her classroom aide, she was able to give a quick speech about her dog. It was wonderful to watch!

4. Just watched my cat dive-bomb my dog's head. She's now sitting astride his neck and smacking him in the teeth while he gnaws back at her. It's interesting to watch.

5. Husband is watching the episode of Top Shot he recorded. They are doing trick shots tonight. The elimination round involved the contestants being suspended upside down and shooting at glass bottles. It's an interesting show on the History channel. I'm a bigger fan of American Pickers and Pawn Stars myself :)

6. Only two more days until Spring Break. I need this.

7. I'm taking Bentley with to visit my sister this weekend. She and her roommates requested that he visit, even though I'm pretty sure they can't have pets at their apartment. Oh well. Almost 100lbs of copper fur is cuddling with someone on Friday night and it won't be me :)

8. Spoke to a telemarketer from Sprint today and pretty much told her to shove it. It felt good. I've never done that before. I was surprised with how easy it was to be rude and pissed off to someone with an impossible-to-understand accent who was trying to sell me more stuff I can't pay for. Hopefully this doesn't become a trend :(

9. My first race of 2011 is this weekend. Sister and I are doing the Penguin in the Park 5k. Sadly Bentley won't be running with us. But rumor has it that a roommate is coming to walk him on the "sidelines" while we run. Yay for puppy cheerleaders!

10. Katye is having a Reader Appreciation week! She did a Lock Laces giveaway the other day and today she's posting a BIC Bands giveaway! I'm a recent fan of BIC Bands thanks to Katye. Come to think of it, everything I'm a fan of is thanks to Katye. Sad I couldn't meet her in Chicago last summer, but maybe some day!

11. Husband bought me ice cream. I like it when he does that.

12. I'm avoiding cleaning my house.

13. I'm resisting the urge to spend hundreds of dollars on running merchandise right now. I want/need compression socks. Anyone know a great place to get them from? I also want new shoes just because.

14. I'm broke. (not because I spent it on running stuff, because I haven't. But just because I am.)

15. Now we're watching the Blackhawks hockey game. Hossa just got a penalty. I love hockey!

16. I'm done listing now :)


  1. there are always east coast races calling your name!

  2. Love #8. I am sooooooo sick of those telemarketers that ring at really inappropriate times. We had one ring our house at 9.00pm on a Sunday night - how rude :0

  3. Good luck for your Penguin run, hope you kick some butt and get a great time. Can't wait to hear how you went.

  4. Good luck during your race this weekend!

  5. I like when people buy me ice cream!