Saturday, January 14, 2012

Things I realized....

Today marks 27 weeks of this preggo adventure. 3 months from today is my projected due date! Holy cow! I finally have some energy back. I don't feel like sleeping all the time. My body isn't in a constant state of ouch! I want to move.

Sadly, I haven't moved so long that any major movement now will cause problems. But I'm seriously contemplating a "walking routine" for the next 3 months. I'm basically wasting my gym membership right now. I'd cancel it if it wasn't for the insanely expensive sign-up fee that I avoided paying the first time because I joined during a special promo period. Grrr. I feel confident about "working out" at this point because the gym is part of a wellness campus and they have doctors offices/immediate care/OBGYN services right through a set of double doors by the free weights!

I began my attempt at a walking routine on Wednesday afternoon. When I got home from school it was 51 outside! For northern Illinois on January 11th that is an unfathomable temperature. This is the first year I can remember that it hasn't been in the negative temps by now. Bentley and I went for a long, slow walk. He enjoyed the nice weather and I enjoyed not cramming my preggo-self into a winter jacket that I really can't zip right now. Just to prove that the weather was a fluke, we ended up with 5 inches of snow on Thursday and blizzard-like conditions on Thursday night. I had a tough time making it home from school on Thursday afternoon and an even more difficult time getting to school on Friday morning. After a near car-totaling experience just before Christmas with only 1 inch of snow on the ground, I was holding off panic attacks on both drives. I haven't tried going to the gym because of the roads. It's not worth me risking an accident just to walk in circles.

Husband and I spent all day today at a prenatal class....that meant no walking at the gym. He wasn't too happy about listening to baby talk from 9-5, but it was all worth it in the end. We got answers to most of our questions about labor/delivery and got a tour of the facility (which has been recently remodeled and is really nice!). A lot of what we already new was confirmed and I just need to ask a few questions of my Dr. the next time I see him to get answers to physician-specific delivery practices. I enjoyed having labor be compared to a marathon. Since I've run two halves, I'm pretending that you can count that as a whole marathon :) If I can do that, I can deliver a baby! The breathing techniques were fun because I could use my yoga breathing skills. I'm no longer scared of labor. I can handle pain and now know what I can ask for when I can't handle it any longer. Only 3 months until I get to test my inner strength!!!

Tomorrow I'm planning on spending about an hour at the gym stretching, walking, and stretching some more. Maybe adding some light lifting to start building my baby-carrying muscles. As always, I'll be listening to my body to see if I need to call it quits.

There is a jogging stroller in my future and I want to put it to good use! Wish me luck :)