Monday, February 1, 2010

Best find ever!!!

Oh my gosh! I have been praying for one of these and I finally found one!

Ok Ok....what am I talking about?

A trail!!!!!

I have been reading about all the lovely trails my bloggy-friends run in California and Arizona and have been wishing for a trail of my very own. I've been limited to my boring ladder-shaped neighborhood since June. And can you believe it, thanks to Bentley of all things, I finally found one!

Why Bentley? No he didn't run away. I was taking him to doggie-daycare (yes, I'm one of those people now) and I crossed what seemed to be an old railroad crossing. As I looked down the tracks, I noticed that there weren't any tracks and were tons of signs indicating a trail/bike path. I remember seeing part of this path up by a local "watering hole" I frequent with my hubby. I was curious about it, but a little too tipsy to take much interest. Now I have found it again.

I checked it out on Google maps and found out where it starts, just up the street! And I found out that it runs for 20+ miles! This totally makes me wish I could just go out and run a marathon right now so that I could run this trail! But, baby steps I must take. I can't wait until it gets warm enough for me to run parts of this trail.

In case you want to check it's the link : The Long Prairie Bike Trial/Stone Bridge Trial

So Freakin' Excited Right Now!


  1. Very exciting. Always nice to have a change of scenery!

  2. Awesome find! I love having a good trail to run on.

  3. That IS exciting! We have the old Illinios & Michigan canal tow paths in my part of IL. They're super nice to run on! I'm glad you have a trail now too! Now it just needs to warm up so we can run on them!

  4. sweet! And it is right up the street. That is so awesome. When I move next month there is a hilly trail about 2 miles away and I'm looking forward to running it.