Monday, February 22, 2010


One of my students earned $125 worth of gift cards for our classroom this weekend. Our school is doing some strange online shopping fundraiser and people can purchase gift cards for our classroom. I was so excited! I can do lots of damage with $125 for my classroom. I swear I only became a teacher to write on the chalkboard and order from supply catalogs.

Ok, back to those gift cards. After doing my happy-dance in the hallway I went to the directed website "for more information." I found out that I can only redeem these gift cards for magazine subscriptions. Seriously? Subscriptions? That's it?!?! Well...if that's what I can used them for, that's what I'll use 'em for.

After subscribing to 3 different kid-oriented magazines for my classroom, I had $25 left. Hmmm...what to do, what to do. Ooohh...a sports & fitness link? 12-issues of Runner's World magazine? Practically free subscription? Ok, why not. So I did.

Now, these will still be classroom magazines. After I'm done reading them, and tearing out articles and workouts, they will go into my magazines box. We use these magazines for various projects. So....I wasn't 100% selfish on this one. Just 80% selfish.

It's good to be the teacher.


  1. hahaha....send me articles and info, that was an awesome idea!

  2. glad you like it! the sale goes on till june! haha i just got a new order today and i'm going to be posting pictures later!

  3. Teachers spend enough of their own money on their classrooms, right?!? You totally deserve one little subscription for yourself! Besides, running keeps you in shape and helps you relieve stress so you're a better teacher! End of story. ;)