Sunday, February 28, 2010

Almost as exciting as a Christmas list

Just found a huge list of area races:

It's mostly 5k's and 10k's.....which is right up my endurance alley!

I'm so excited that I almost want to go out for a run right now!


  1. I like finding new races too. I see one with Peanut Butter in the title. Hmmmm. Must be a good one.

  2. I did the DeKalk Corn Fest 10k last year! LOVED it! Oh and in case you feel like going a little farther south, here's a link to my running clubs list of races: It amazes me how many races are so close! Way to go northern IL! I have to admit Houston doesn't have nearly as many!

  3. *that was supposed to be "DeKalB"...I got excited.