Friday, February 19, 2010

All aboard the lazy train

(cue Ozzy music)

Alright. As of this moment I am lounging in my recliner wacthing my baby-boy devour a rawhide bone. He's laying in my workout space....well it would be my workout space if I was actually working out right now. I'm trying to ignore Jillian's eyes staring at me from atop the XBox... Boo, evil woman, stop staring at me.

I wimped out at the beginning of the week because it was too cold for me to run outside.

I was crazy busy on Tuesday and Wednesday with class.

Husband left yesterday for state wrestling tournament and baby-boy and I put in some extra hours in the classroom preparing for ISATs. (If you don't know what those are, be thankful. They are pretty much the government's way of ruining our children's lives.)

I checked out the Lightning Thief with a coworker after school and it was too dark by the time I made it home. Husband is still out of town (Won't see him until Sunday) and I'm enjoying the quiet.

Jillian continues to stare at me. I really enjoy the feeling of not being in pain and am enjoying how comfy my ass is in this recliner.

What I'm not enjoying is the number that will show up on the scale at my WW meeting tomorrow morning. I was good on food points this week, but I need some more activity points if i want a smaller scale number.

Why do we actually have to work to lose weight? Jillian has succeeded at making me feel guilty.

Off to put on the sexy spandex and work off that extra 1.8 lbs I need to reach my 5% goal :)

What the hell is my cat doing in the kitchen......


Post workout:

Jillian is an evil woman. I was so pumped to tell you about how well my workout was going at the beginning. I was able to do the first 3 circuits completely with weights. After the third circuit, I hit a wall. My legs wouldn't stop twitching and I felt like I was going to throw up. I drank two full glasses of water, took off my clothes to cool down, and made two trips to the bathroom.

Can you say FAIL?

I did finish however. For every episode I had I paused the DVD. I waited until I could control myself and then I continued.



  1. But you did it so be proud. On those days when I'm not feeling so motivated I remind myself how I will feel if I DON'T workout. I also don't want to look back 6 months from now and say "what if" I had worked out on those days I didn't want to.

    Congrats on having no regrets!

  2. Good for you for pushing through!