Sunday, February 28, 2010

Evil Ninja Kitty

The face you see here is just the picture of innocence isn't it. Don't be fooled. I have an evil kitten.

How evil, you ask. Well. She knows exactly what my alarm clock sounds like and if I hit the snooze button she knows she's not getting breakfast. So, she takes matters into her own paws. A short jump onto the night stand is all it takes for her to be in perfect lamp tipping position. She wouldn't!!! Oh yes she would, and she has. More than once.

She is the one who starts all the fights with Bentley. No joke. She's the one who slaps him from atop the chair. She's the one who ambushes is paws from under the bed. She's the one who jumps on his head while he's sleeping on the couch.

But what did she do to piss me off today? Well, here's the story.

I came back from the grocery store and set 4 full bags of groceries on the kitchen floor. After letting Bentley out of his kennel, I put in a load of laundry. I exited the laundry room to see a little black tail waving at me from one of the grocery bags. I pulled her from the grocery bad while yelling and screaming at her and found this: a huge gaping hole in the bread bag! She had also eaten the corners of the pieces she exposed.

She also sat on the rest of the bag in order to rip open the top, so she crushed most of the slices.

This isn't the first time she's done this. She has eaten/shredded bagels, doughnuts, and half a loaf of bread. Found that half-a-loaf shredded all over my kitchen at 5:00am while taking care of a sick dog. Not pleasant.

Well, there you go. The story of my evil kitten.


  1. Ha! That is too funny - never known a cat to eat bread. :)

  2. Wow! My cats get after stuff but not bread and other food. How funny! Not! Hope she's cuddly when needed!

  3. OMG that's too funny. I once left out a frozen loaf of bread on my counter. When I came home in the afternoon, the bag was empty and my dog left me a huge poop on the floor :) Be thankful evil kitty didn't eat the entire loaf.

  4. hahaha....was it gluten-free bread because I would have been more upset about that.