Sunday, January 31, 2010

BRH: Week 3 Session 1

Run 3 minutes. Walk 2 minutes. Repeat 10 times.

Distance: 3.98 miles
Time: 51:32

I was so proud of myself for doing this run today. The sun was out and gave me the impression that it was slightly warm outside. WRONG! Was still freakin' cold! As I was running up the street I waved at a fellow runner who told me, "It's brutal out here!" This is where I noticed that I had just adjusted my earbuds for the 13th time in 1 block, and I immediately turned for home to grab a better headband and a hat. The headband was to keep my headphones in, the hat was to keep my new hair-do from bouncing around.

I took a new route today. I haven't run through the apartment neighborhood next to ours since June of last year. I knew I had that I'd be covering a lot of ground while running for 3 minutes 10 times. It was a nice change of pace. An even nicer change of pace what that I again left Bentley at home. He's starting obedience classes because I'm fed up with his doggie-diva attitude. He even has a new walking device that will hopefully put him back in the running for my running buddy. Good luck Bentley!

Down side of my chased by a freakin' dog! Not just any dog mind you. But an out-of-control beast! This dog became a problem last summer while I was walking Bentley. We were on the opposite side of the street from its house, and 2 houses down, when it charged at us. I pulled Bentley to my far side and bear-yelled in this dogs face. It backed off, but kept coming back for more. This didn't let up until we were about 5 houses past where it lives. The owner, where was the owner? you might be asking. She was sitting on a chair in the garage, talking on her phone ans smoking. She did nothing. This exact same incident happened another time last summer too. Bentley is terrified of this dog! I just wanted another excuse to beat its puppy-ass.

Today I almost got my chance. I was one house down when I heard this barking noise. I re- focused my eyes to see the dog charging at me. Immediately, I got in attack mode and bear-yelled in its face to back off and kept running. It kept coming back again and again. I was around the corner and about 10 houses away and it was still coming at me. The owner? Dumb-ass was standing in her doorway just watching. I ripped off my hat/headband and chased this dog back into its driveway yelling and screaming. I then ripped this lady a new one for letting her dog chase me down the street.

Our confrontation went something like this....edited of course:

Me: "Are you just going to stand there and let your dog come after me like that?!!!"
Woman: "She doesn't bite."
Me: "I don't care if she bites or not, you shouldn't let her chase people like that!!!!!"
Woman: "She just wants attention."
Me: "That is NOT how a dog asks for attention. It was being aggressive and could have bit me."
Woman: ......stupid blank look on her face......
Me: "You better control your dog. This is the third time this has happened. If it happens again, I will call the police."

I then turned to run off again. The freaking dog kept trying to chase me as she feebly called for it to stop. I have never beat an animal in my life, but I swear I almost kicked the bark right out of that dog! Noticed how she didn't even attempt to apologize.

Now my dilemma....Do I call animal control to report something like that? Or can I call the police? I obviously wouldn't call 911 if it didn't bite me, but can I just call the station? I have never had to do anything like this before. I'm not worried about myself because I will not hesitate to hit/kick the dog if this happens again. But there are tons of kids in the neighborhood who would be terrified to be chased by this thing. I wouldn't want anyone getting hurt.

So, do I call the police station or do I call animal control?


  1. Scary and how clueless can the owner have been?!?! It's good you said something to her to make her aware. I would call animal control to at least have it on record in the event that something happens in the future. Perhaps you should get some pepper spray.

  2. i agreed that maybe it would be good to get it on record that you did in fact try to talk to the owner about the issue. Even if she thinks the dog doesn't bite, you never know when a dog might become aggressive. I am a serious dog lover myself and definitely think the dog's behavior is more do to the owner than its own aggression but regardless, it is against the law to let your dog just run lose whenever it wants. Especially with people running and walking dogs. You or your poor puppy could get hurt

  3. Scary! I agree about calling animal control. Explain the situation and tell them you're worried about any kis that might encounter the dog and get their advice. And way to go with the run!!! It was too cold for me! I'm such a cold weather wuss...I stuck to the treadmill ;)