Friday, February 26, 2010

Guess who....

Guess who put their running shoes back on today? Me!

I had set up a running date with my sister-in-law for this afternoon. Around lunch time I got a text from my husband telling me that his sister wouldn't make it to the run because she had tripped and broke her ankle and was in the ER. She always finds some way to cancel on me :) But, no worries, the x-ray didn't show any breaks or fractures and it's just a bad sprain. Sorry if this brings back memories Lisa. She apparently tripped while walking. She's special like that.

My husband and I kept the running date anyway and did a nice 2 miler. He he. Look at me blogging like a real runner. A 2 miler. Ha! But seriously, we did run 2 miles. With the warm up, run, break, run, and cool down we did 3.13 miles total. He only kept time during our actual running.

I feel great! No pain! My lungs are sore from breathing the cool air and pushing my self for a mile straight which I haven't done since last May. Big steps for me today! I might actually be able to do the 10K on April 3rd instead of the 5K. :)


  1. Ha ha, totally brought back memories lol. Bummer about the sprain though. Hope she recovers quickly.

  2. Sounds like a good run :) Love those..