Monday, February 15, 2010

No More Trouble Zones

It got cold here....again. And I hung up my running shoes...again.

After hearing back from my PT friend, she told me that I supinate like crazy. She also told me that I should hold off on running until all my pain is gone. When I posted my run on Thursday, I was pain free. The pain, if you read my post, didn't come back until about half-way through the run. I decided to rest it this weekend and was hoping to get out for a run today.

I wussed out on the run because of the cold. I did however put in my new workout DVD...No More Trouble Zones by Jillian Michaels. The ladies in my WW group keep talking about her 30-day shred. They also complain about how hard it is. I wasn't sure I wanted to spend money on a workout DVD that would end up collecting dust in our baskets, but her DVDs were only $10 at Target. I couldn't resist. That is how I settled on this one.

I did the workout for the first time on Friday with my sister. I didn't use weights because I couldn't find them. Actually, they were in a box in the basement and I was just too lazy to walk down the stairs to get them. Anyway, she kicked my ass. I had hopes for a run on Saturday, but I could barely get out of bed that morning, so I scratched it. The soreness went away yesterday afternoon and I dragged my ass out of bed to do it this morning. I also dragged my ass down the stairs to get the weights :)

I am so glad I bought it. I can really feel my "trouble zones" being worked. For those of you interested in trying it, there are a lot of squats. You pretty much end up squatting forward, backwards, and inside out! Everything from my waist down hurts! I hate DVDs that work a lot of abs from a crunch position because I cannot do a proper crunch to save my life. This DVD had just enough abs. My neck is thankful for that.

Overall, a good workout. I kept myself moving this weekend with going outside :) And I also got up and did Wii Yoga before the institute on Friday morning. Points for me! Literally....activity points for WW :)

Any bets on which day I will drag my ass outside to run this week?


  1. Thanks for the comment! Keep it up! I am hoping to get outside this week too but all the snow is killing me!!!!

  2. Nice job sissy! It was a fun DVD, I may need to buy one myself :)

  3. I totally know how you feel with the pain. I have hip pain and it seems fine in the beginning of the run then is awful during it. Rest up and hopefully it goes away! I'm looking forward to following you too

  4. I love this DVD! The surrender move is killer though! And I was doing it twice a week there for a while and it made me sore EVERY TIME! 30 day shred is awesome too - nice and short but very intense!