Friday, January 22, 2010

BRH: Week 2 Session 2

Run 1 minute. Walk 2 minutes. Repeat 10 times.

Time: 48:00
Distance: 3.01 miles

Felt good to finally get out there again. The weather hasn't cooperated as much as I wanted it to this week. Plus I barely had any time to get in a complete workout.

I was in a hurry today. The husband and I are planning another date night and I needed to get a run in, get showered, make dinner, and get beautiful all in 2.5 hours. I ran fast for no reason. I can't possibly make 1 minute go by any faster. The only thing I ended up doing was making my legs sore from moving so fast! But it still felt good. I have another run scheduled for tomorrow morning; bright and early. I need to get it in before my weigh-in at 9:30....oh yea, I forgot to mention that I joined Weight Watchers again. I lost 4lbs last week!!! I'm hoping for at least 1 this week because I ate poorly last weekend. But I was successful last year and I know it will work again!

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