Monday, January 25, 2010


So....while googling "shin splints" last night I randomly ended up on a Chicago-area races website. I was instantly intrigued.

Here's a sampling of what I found that's close and soon:

Arny Johnson 5K and 10K (This one I'm doing for sure. It's right down the street!)

Shamrock Shuffle (I hear the South Side around St. Paddy's day is insane!!)

Race to Wrigley (My hubby might do this with me. He's a big Cubs fan!)

St. Paddy's Day 5K

Help me choose!


  1. That is awesome that there are some good races close! I have class the weekend of the arny johnson race :( so i can't come.

  2. My advice is to check out the race results from prior years and see how many people run these races. If size is important to you and some of these races have a small number of participants that might affect your decision. It would for me but that's just a personal preference. The race to Wrigley sounds like fun and I bet it has a large turnout. Also see what you get for freebies etc (if that is important to you as well)

  3. I personally think the "Race to Wrigley" (I love that everyone wears the shirt) and Shamrock Shuffle look like fun! I tend to be a fan of bigger races but I really liked Lisa's advice - all good things to consider.

  4. I've heard the Shamrock Shuffle is fun, but very, very crowded! Actually now that you mentioned it, I might see if I can get a friend or two talked into it! A bit later in the year, but I did the DeKalb Corn Fest 10k last year (late August, I think) and it was a great race! Well-organized, big but not overly crowded and a great course.