Friday, January 15, 2010

BRH: Week 1 Session 2

Run 1 minute. Walk 2 minutes. Repeat 9 times.

Time: 36:37
Distance: 2.67 miles

I felt great on this run. It wasn't too cold or windy. I kept from being bored by running around the neighborhood for the first 5 sets, and then ran back the other way for the last 4 sets. I would have run the neighborhood twice if I kept going. Boring!

I need to find a better place to run. This neighborhood is getting to me. I would drive and park by a trail, but I have issues with driving myself to go for a run. Plus, by the time I get home, get changed, and get out there it's practically dark. I like that I'm always just a few blocks from home if something were to go wrong. If I had to drive back home, I don't think I'd like doing that in the dark. There's a great bike path I'm planning on checking out when it gets warmer and brighter outside. Only a few weeks left until the light starts to last again!

I can't wait for spring! Winter is by far my favorite season, but I can't stand it after a while. Bring on slightly warmer weather. I always look better in cold-weather clothes :) Summer isn't my best look.

My husband and I are hoping to check out a hockey game tonight. Our house is a freakin' mess and we have a busy weekend planned, but we've been wanting to go see a game all season. Maybe the magic fairy maids will clean my house for me....


Running related question:

Are running socks a must?

I've been reading a lot of posts on other blogs about how amazing running socks are. I have never had a problem with regular socks before. I ran track in high school, wore regular socks, and never had a problem. When I ran for a bit in college, I wore regular socks, and never had a problem. When I ran last spring (before huge life drama caused me to stop), I wore regular socks, and never had a problem. So far this winter I haven't had a problem either.

What's so special about these socks? Other than they are expensive.

Is it just because I haven't run far enough yet? I have never run more than 4 miles at one time in my life. Would I need these "magic socks" if I run more than 4 miles? My husband and sister-in-law ran a half-marathon last summer while wearing regular socks and didn't get a single blister.

What's the big deal?


  1. What if you ran your route backwards? I always run one of my loops one direction but if I run it the opposite direction then everything is different and new.

    The fancy socks have wicking material that help move moisture away from your feet so you don't get blisters. I have had a few blisters even with the fancy socks. What I like about them is they are lighter weight (or at least the ones that I use) and hug my foot more. But if the normal socks work for you then stick with them. If when you increase your mileage and you get blisters, then you can buy a pair. Each sock company touts how they are better than the other so it always comes down to personal. Don't let people/companies use fear to convince you that you need something if you don't need it. preference.

  2. I think if the regular ones work for you go for it. I find that one longer runs my socks can get damp (gross huh) and star feeling those "hot spots". The main think I love about running socks in most are made seamless so there's no rubbing but seriously if its not broken, don't fix it. Stick with what you like and if you start having problems, change it =)

  3. Good job on your run!! I hear you on wanting new routes - but you're right, it will start being lighter for much longer soon!

    I wear "special" socks, but i still get blisters. To each their own!

  4. I started running with "special socks" so I can't tell you if it makes a difference for me, however, I am happy to report I have never had any problems and HIGHLY recommend Balega socks if you are in the market.