Monday, January 4, 2010

Whittle My Middle II

January 4, 2010
Exercises Completed:
-Front Plank: 60 seconds
-Side Plank: 40 seconds each
-Torso Twists: 30 reps
-Plank Ups: (my shoulders were too sore today for this. a combination of stress and this exercise is causing a lot of soreness.)
-Boat Pose: held for 40 seconds
-Side Plank Twists: 10 reps each side (still tough. fell over on my first one)
-Bicycle Crunches: 3 sets of 25

Almost didn't do this one. But, since I'm too chicken to run in this frigid weather, I have to do something.


  1. hey quick question...are the the Jamie who has been commenting on my blog? now blog or contact ever comes up with it and I'm curious =)

  2. you have two pairs of running tights! I believe in you :) I ran everyday outside in minneapolis ( except one which was -20 wind chill) whoohoo you go girl!!