Thursday, December 31, 2009

Links for a friend!!

As soon as I joined the blogging world I began stalking...I mean browsing through the other blogs out there related to running. Many of those people have been gracious enough to follow my little blog in return.

While searching one day, I stumbled across a blog that really caught my attention. This blog belongs to Katye (isn't that just a great spelling for her name?) and is titled Live, Love, Run, Pray.This blog immediately caught my attention because of the The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team In Training logo at the top of her page.

Not long before starting my blogging adventure a boy on my husband's wrestling team was diagnosed with Leukemia. I believe he is 17 years old. He was at practice one day was the coaches noticed that he just wasn't the star wrestler they had last year. He was slow to react and generally not looking good. When the asked what was wrong he explained that he must just be out of shape and had been really tired lately. When his dad came to pick him up, the coaches spoke with him about the boy's behavior in practice. The father said they had noticed him sleeping a lot at home. They attributed his sleep patterns to the lifestyle of a teenage boy. But he did agree that he would take his son to a doctor. A few days later my husband told me that this boy had been taken to Madison for testing. The result was a diagnosis of leukemia. A few months have passed since his diagnosis and, with treatment, his leukemia is in remission. He will be coming back to school in January and is hoping to be back on the wrestling team next year.

So her site and story caught my eye. I also follow her blog because she is one heck of a motivated person! And since my blog title is "Motivating Me," I'm constantly in search of motivating people.

She's asked me to post a few things for you all to check out.

The first one is her 2010 challenge. In the new year she, and anyone else that will join her, is going to attempt to run a total of 1,010 miles. Holy cow that's far! I'm still debating my ability to accomplish that goal, but I know the rest of you can. Now scoot on over to her site and sign up!

The second one is her holiday giveaway. You can learn all about it from her post. I may a bit late in posting this and the deadline may have come and gone, but it's worth a shot!

The third and final one is Sunday FunDay!
Every Friday in the new year, Katye is hoping to give us all a list of upcoming "fun" things. These could include birthdays, races, holidays, or any other random day of importance you feel like sharing with her.

Check it all out while I work up the motivation to go for a run :)

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  1. thank u for posting this! I wish that young men a speedy recovery...He will get back to being that star wrestler! and about the spelling of my name...haha thanks you have no idea how many times i get my name mispronounced (nope its not some exotic sounding "Katyah or Katja" just plain katie.