Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Thank you for putting up with my rant yesterday. Today was much better!

School went much better. All my lessons went well and I managed to stay organized! I also managed to leave school on time so that I could run before class tonight! Luckily the weather cooperated with me for that one.

Bentley and I had a great run today. Workout 4.1 was pretty tough. The first five-minute interval was killer! But I managed to power through it. Bentley was pretty good with sticking with me. There were a lot of kids outside that caused him to run all over, but good on the whole. He was still sporting his Bud Light poo-carrying jacket :)

I'm gearing up to run again on Friday. I need a good day of regrouping and stretching. There are supposed to be break days between the running days in this program. I've been cramming them together for the sake of time. Hopefully this doesn't come back to bite me in the ass.


  1. Awesome job! Def take the breaks. Your body needs those days to rest and recoup so you don't get injured. I bet Bentley looked great in his vest!

  2. Great job and as Kristen said, definitely take a rest day between runs, at least while you are beginning. LOL about the poo carrying jacket.