Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cookie Crazy

On Sunday, I had planned to get a run in today. A number of things kept me from actually doing that today.

Reason/Excuse#1: Temperatures were very cold. Windchill kept us inside for recess....again!

Reason/Excuse #2: Secret Santa celebration after school today. After that, I had 15 minutes to spend with Bentley before breaking the speed limit on my way to class. At least Ethel, my 82-year-old professor, kept her word and only kept us for 10 minutes.

Reason/Excuse #3: Instead of buying gifts for my coworkers this year I decided to bake them cookies. I decided to bake them today. We're gift exchanging tomorrow. I started baking at 6:30 PM and was finally able to sit down at 9:30 PM.

Well.....maybe tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. No worries... there is always tomorrow and hopefully it will be a little warmer.