Monday, December 7, 2009

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

This was all the people at school could talk about today. I doubt it will be as bad as they say, but who knows. We did get an e-mail about making sure our phone number was up-to-date in their emergency notification system. Let's hope I get a phone call on Wednesday morning! Well...let's not because then I have to make it up in June and I won't be happy. Plus, it will make getting through this next week super hard before break. I'm torn :(

I was in a bad mood when I came home today. A lot of stress was dumped on me this weekend and I'm not dealing with it very well. I did, however, decide that I needed to run when I got home today. While, getting dressed and ready I almost changed my mind. Everything I touched fell out of my hand. I couldn't find half of my running clothes. And Bentley, whom I should have left at home, was being obnoxious as heck! But I sucked it up and ran anyway. Tonight wasn't as cold, only 28 to start and 26 when I got home. My legs were very slow and heavy. Toward the end, I was able to pick my feet up better. Workout 4.3 complete! I feel good about running, but I'm still in a bad mood.

My husband and I picked out our Christmas tree yesterday. We were given an artificial tree by his parents last year but decided that we should get a real one this year. I had been seeing signs for a local tree farm since before Thanksgiving and decided that we should go there. It wasn't one of those cut-your-own deals, but I still felt good supporting a local business and buying a tree that wasn't shipped in from 10 states away. Five minutes after we put it up, this is what we saw:

I knew she'd climb that tree the moment we set it up. We haven't put any decorations on it because we're waiting for the novelty to wear off a bit. Wednesday night, the husband doesn't have a wrestling meet to be at, so we'll probably do it then. Until then, Bentley will just have to be in the Christmas spirit for all of us :)


  1. OMG I thought it was a bat lol. Good for you for running when you didn't want to. Often times, those are the better of my runs and I'm so glad I did it after. Cute pic of Bentley :)

  2. Aww, both your babies are so cute!!! No matter how much I don't want to go out running I always feel great when I am done. Brr, that is so cold!! We actually got snow in places in CA that have not seen snow in 10 years. It was really exciting!