Friday, December 4, 2009

Brrrr....!!!!!! is reporting the temperature where I am as 21 degrees! It also says it "feels like" 11 degrees! And there are flurries outside! Holy cow! I can't believe I just ran in that!!!!

Some one be proud of me because I can't be excited about this all by myself.

Bentley was being absolutely crazy when I got home, so I decided that we could both use a good run. He won't get any exercise tomorrow because I'm going to be gone all day and he's staying with my mom. I had to fight a major urge to throw on the sweats and chill on the couch, so this wasn't easy. But it's done and over. Holy cow was it cold out there! The cold wasn't so bad after we started running. I found an old windbreaker jacket to wear until I Christmas when someone, hopefully, buys me some cold-weather running clothes. I'm seriously still wearing stuff from high school! I was amazed how easy it was to run in the cold. I've never, ever done that before. I always made fun of my sister for living in Minneapolis and running in the winter. But now I see that it really isn't that bad. It's truly about wearing the right gear.

Tonight my sister is coming back to town. She got into grade school at EIU and we're heading to Charleston, IL tomorrow to find her an apartment. I did my undergrad work at EIU and am so thirlled that my baby sister is going. I also think it's hilarious that she did her undergrad work at the huge University of Minnesota and is now going to live in tiny Charleston, IL. She's going to die of boredom in hill-billy nowhere! Ha Ha Ha! This should be a great road trip!


  1. I'm proud of you! Brr, 21 degrees or 11 degrees, that's still freakin' cold!

    I totally agree about it being easier to run in the cold. As much as I hate the cold weather, I seem to run faster in it.

  2. Ahh, that is freezing!! But good for you for getting out there!