Sunday, December 6, 2009

I'm so glad I went to E-I-U...

Our weekend road trip was a success. My sister arrived around 8:00 on Friday night and we left bright and early on Saturday morning to head to Eastern Illinois University. We picked up her friend at my parents house while we were dropping off Bentley. The drive down went by fast because those two just kept me laughing! I really miss having my sister near by.

As soon as we got there, we found the first rental office...after driving around the block 3 times! That place was such a hole-in-the-wall! Fortunately the lady was very nice and offered to drive us around town to tour the available units. The places she showed us were terrible! Smelled like smoke, stains on the carpets, appliances from 1970, obviously owned by college boys...etc. She finally showed us a very cute 1-bedroom in a 100+ year old building. It was so cute that my sister canceled 3 other appointments for that afternoon. We did decide to see two other places just to compare. Holy crap was that a bad decision! Those places were even worse! One even had a sewer back up on the front porch that wasn't cleaned up. Toilet paper and crap all over the place! Needless to say, we just smiled and waved and filled out an application for that cute 1-bedroom we saw before.

After that we toured around campus and spent 45 minutes in the bookstore. It's amazing how much has changed and how much it's stayed the same in the 3 years since I've left. My sister is really started to get excited about going there. Her friend and I will have a great time visiting her next semester.

Hopefully I can get a run in this week before it snows again!

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