Thursday, December 17, 2009


Tonight's confession: I'm a dork.

I just spent the past half hour watching Backstreet Boys videos on YouTube. I know...lame. I used to am a huge fan of the BSB. My sister and I were completely obsessed when we were younger. I had to buy their first album twice because I scratched up the CD from listening to it too much! I still have their albums in my car! And still listen to them every once in a while.

Now I know their music wasn't that great, but I just like the feeling I get when I listen to their songs. I remember they were my first big celebrity crushes. Those journals I was never able to finish had multiple entries about me running away with one of them. I could never pick a favorite! There were all totally hot for me. I changed my mind every week or so! I kept going back to Brian though :)

They pretty much defined my life from junior high through high school. I bought every issue of Teen Beat or 16 Magazine that my mom would let me so that I could practically wall paper my room with their pictures. It took me forever to fill all the tack holes and scrape the sticky-tak from the walls before we repainted it last summer. The number one item on my Christmas list my freshman year of high school was a BSB calendar.

My mom took us to see their Millennium concert my freshman year. I still have the concert tee in the basement somewhere. Never getting rid of that! I swear, if they ever go on tour somewhere near Chicago or Milwaukee again, I'll be there!

Still love these guys! Probably going to have good dreams tonight :)

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