Sunday, December 13, 2009

Just do it

Current time: 11:12 AM
Current temperature: 36F
Current status: sitting on my ass
Current internal argument: to run, or not to run?

Honestly I have no excuse today. It's not that cold. It's not snowing. It's not raining. It's not even windy! The laundry is done. Bentley hasn't had exercise since Friday. I just need to get up and do it.

Will update when I get back.


Current time: 1:06 PM
Current temperature: 35F
Current status: blogging about my run
Current internal argument: what to have for lunch :)

Well, I did it. It felt great. It also felt warm outside :) HA! Bentley was even well behaved on the run. Good thing 2' snow banks line the streets and he's too afraid to climb over them to sniff around. He climbed one on Wednesday morning and he sank which scared him. He's still not so sure about this snow stuff.

I debated about doing workout 3.2 instead of 5.1 because I took almost a week off running and wasn't sure how well my body would handle this. I sucked it up and just did workout 5.1 (run 5 walk 3). While running the first 5 min. I was excited to blog about how good I was feeling and how lose my legs were. We walked for 3 min. and then things changed. My legs tightened up a little for the next 5 min. and felt very heavy. The second 3 min. walk was welcomed. For the 3rd 5 min. set everything was fine again. By the time I got to the last 5 min set, my lungs felt like deflated balloons. It took a lot of effort to breathe in. I've always wondered if I had sports-asthma (if that's still a real thing) because this feeling happens after I've been running for a while. I also know that my endurance isn't where it needs to be yet. But luckily that was my last set and we were able to walk home. After a good stretch and a warm shower, my body and lungs feel just fine.

You were right Lisa, I am glad I made myself do it.

The forecast looks great this week after Tuesday. Hopefully my professor will keep her promise of a 10 minute class on Wednesday since it's our last one. That way I'll be able to run before 5:30. We're off for Christmas Break starting Friday. Then I'll be able to run while the sun is shining :) Let's hope someone comes through with some running clothes for me for Christmas! Oooh! and there's a Wii fit on the list too!

"Have a holly jolly Christmas, it's the best time of the year!"


  1. Do it! You will feel so good when you get back and if you don't run you will wish that you did. Do it while it's not snowing.

  2. The never ending debate - just remember how good you felt today after your run.

  3. I know this is an old post but I'm catching up on your blog...something someone told me that helps get me out there when I don't feel like running but know I should...

    You never regrets the runs you do, but will always regret the ones you skip.

    So true right?