Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fun Stuff

Just got back from visiting and running with my sister at Eastern Illinois University. So much fun!

This week I have a lot to look forward to. Here's a big list:

* Enjoy Spring Break!
* Watch the men build a fence for Bentley in our back yard.
* Run on that trail that I found last month! It's finally warm enough and dry enough!
* Run my first 5K on Saturday with my husband!
* Cook Easter dinner for my husband's family on Sunday.
* Enjoy an extra day for Spring Break on Easter Monday.

OK. So the list wasn't that big. But it's a lot for me.

Plus....I ran close to 6 miles so far this week! Ye-haw! And I'm going to run more! Yay for motivation and great weather!


  1. Great job with the mileage. Looks lie a busy but fun week ahead.

  2. Your list is great. Have fun at your first 5K!!! Yeah! I am going out for Easter and I am looking forward to that! Both my kids are gone :( and it is just the two of us!