Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Beautiful Day!

Today couldn't have been better! Weather wise.....I could think of a few things that would make the day itself better.....like a job for one!No. No. No. I won't go there again. It was still 63 at 5:00 pm! It's 6:49 and the sun is just disappearing behind the hill.

Today was a fantastic running date with my husband. More like a long chasing date with my husband! I barely made it a mile before I started to lose him. He even went an extra loop and still managed to catch me at the end. You wouldn't think he'd be fast, but damn! He's fast! Poor Bentley was pooped by the time we got home!

You can see my total mileage and an explanation in my Daily Mile box. Another distance PR! Wahoo!

Great day!!!

Check me out post-run rockin' my Bondi Band and my Road ID. Thanks to Katye for hooking me up with some awesome running gear!


  1. YAY I'm glad you got it! I was just about to ask you if the code went through okay and everything =)

  2. I need to get a Road ID. Good for you.

  3. Ohh, I want one and NEED one (everyone does)! Very cool you won!

  4. YAY!!!!! Way to go on the distance PR! Don't you love good runs? And I'm totally jealous that you don't get blisters. Oh and the weather? Awesome! I'm even wearing open-toed shoes at work today! Yay spring! :)