Thursday, April 1, 2010


When we bought our house last year we knew we would be putting in a fence. Our neighbor to the east already had a fence as you can see in this picture. After we brought Bentley home, we new we needed to put in a fence so that he could run.

A few weeks ago, our neighbor came over and said he and his wife were putting a fence up in their yard. If they were putting one up, we'd be fenced in on two sides. We asked who they were using and gave the guy a call. Why not just fence the rest of it and get it over with?

It has been two days since he started and I am pleased. But something has been bothering me. When our neighbor brought over this guy's information, I took note of his quote. After we were given our quote, signed our contract, and gave him our deposit, I started to think. Our quote was about $300 more than our neighbors'. If you're fencing 3 sides of a yard with 1 gate, wouldn't it cost more than only fencing 2 sides of a yard with 2 gates? This has puzzled me, even though I haven't said anything.

Today, after the fence guy ran into a problem of discovering an unmarked wire (that turned out to be nothing more than a junk wire)and was delayed in his work for over an hour, I really began to wonder. The only posts that had been dug and set were around our yard. Why didn't he use that time to go and dig the holes for the posts on the other side of our neighbor's yard? He told me that he was going to finish today but that the wire delay means he'll finish tomorrow. Again.....if you have to dig holes, set posts, and picket 100 more feet of fence, how will you be done in one day?

My husband has more tact in this situation than I do, so I sent him to ask the question. Are the neighbors only fencing one side of their yard? The side that meets our yard? The answer....yes. They we just putting up a fence on our side.

Weird, huh? Though I'm greatful that they've saved me about $1,000, I'm a little annoyed that they were fencing us out. The man is a rather controlling guy and the only thing that my husband and the fence guy could come up with is that he wanted to control what kind of fence faced his yard. So, he "got the ball rolling" on us putting up our fence by "recommending" which guy we should use.

Hmmmm......But at least he saved me about $1,000.


  1. Too funny but like you said - that is $1000 saved and you cannot argue with that.

    Looks like you have a nice big yard. Bentley will be one happy pup to have all that room to run.

  2. THat is very odd but it certainly has a bright side.

  3. That is odd that he's only putting up one side. As far as digging holes while waiting, are being way too logical. Trades like that are one way thinking. They don't multi task, they don't think ahead and they aren't efficient. They can run to the stores a gazillion times in a day because they refused to think the day/project through.