Thursday, March 4, 2010

Giveaway and Another date with the husband

Giveaway Update!!!

Don't forget to check up on Katye's Road ID giveaway. It ends tonight at midnight!!!

Running Date

I met my husband for a run after school. We looked so cute together. We also dressed exactly the same! Black running pants, black running top, and a hat. We're so cute!

We did the same route we did on Monday. Down the bike path and back. We did make a change at the mile mark. Instead of just turning around, we cut back through the neighborhood. It only added half a mile to the run, but it was worth it.

I kept pace with hubby for the first mile. I was even in front for a while! After we made it back to the bike path I noticed a slow down. That darn bike path was up hill! I didn't notice it on Monday. Wow, a slight hill can take a lot out of me. I did manage to run all the way back and I felt great about it! Yay for me!!!!!

I did not experience any pain or breathing issues. Fantastic! I can't wait until we run again on Saturday before WW.

Does anyone have a good training program for half marathons? I kinda left the Beginning Runners Handbook on the bookshelf. I do need to pick it up again. Any advice is welcome.


  1. I always like Hal Higdon. He has programs on line at many levels.

  2. I was going to recommend Hal Higdon too. It's what I will use.

  3. Yay no pain!! Pass on the good karma to me now please ;)

  4. Ahh, how fun you two can run together.

    The Runner's World website also has a program that you can use and it will create a schedule for you for free. I used that for my first half.

  5. Great timing on your run!! Way to go!