Thursday, March 18, 2010

Today's Run......

Another great running/chasing date with the husband. I'm loving this weather! Gorgeous outside! The current temp is 61!!! Too bad Saturday's forecast has a high of 34! Boo! Bring on the spring! I want to run again on Saturday, but that might not happen. Nice weather followed by crappy weather is a big motivation killer.

I also have my friend's bachelorette party on Saturday night. I'm pretty sure we'll end up in downtown Chicago. I've never been downtown at night before. It should be fun. I hope her sister has worked out all the details so that we don't end up having to have a DD....'cause you know I'll end up in that role. Damn responsible gene that won't go dormant even for one night!

I'm enjoying my sunshine and trying not to think about the crap that's piling up around me.

Oh yea! Tomorrow is Pink (Slip) Friday in Illinois. All teacher are encouraged to wear pink to school tomorrow to represent the thousands of pink slips (layoff notices) that have been handed out this week. If you know a teacher who has been affected by this horrible mistake, please show your support and wear pink. Also, contact your representatives and let them know that padding their pockets isn't going to help our future. Schools need help! The largest district in our area is currently owed $12 million by our state government. (I don't work in that's a mess.)


  1. Good luck. I'll wear pink.

  2. Was it really a mistake by the school district? That is HORRIBLE. Hmmm, I think I'll just accidently print thousands of things on pink paper? (or any other color). I know here they had to issue layoff notices but they weren't actually laid off (or at lease the majority of them weren't).

  3. I'm getting caught up in your posts and now understand more of what's going on. You'll be ok. You are a good, honest person that care more than most people. Your boss sees this and will do what she can.