Wednesday, July 21, 2010


This week has not been my favorite. I signed up for a class this week about Writing Workshop and it's sucking the life out of me. Writing Workshop, for you non-teachers, is a school-related thing that I won't explain here. I am, however, loving the class. I am terrible at teaching writing and I really feel that this information will help make a huge difference in my teaching this year.

Sad things I've noticed while taking this class:

1. I'm really bad at teaching writing.
2. These are the most days in a row that I have showered all summer.
3. I am more ADD than I originally thought.

I did make it out for a short run with Husband this morning. Bentley woke me up at 5:50 and I figured, why not? Husband's alarm was going off so that he could get up and run, so I just got dressed and ran with him. This run was nothing special. I had a terrible time breathing because of the humidity and conducted some "very important business" in some very tall grass at mile 1.5 because I couldn't take it any more!!!!! UGH! But I managed to do just over 2.25 miles.

I also made it down to the running store after my class and purchased a new pair of running shoes. The man at the store said that my knee pain might not be being caused by my shoes. He said that good shoes can go for about 300 miles. Is he right? I purchased them in December and started running seriously in them in January, but didn't get into any high mileage until June.'s been 6 months total. But my shoes don't look "dead." There is not excessive wear or even discoloration. This man also told me to leave my number and he'd talk to one of the other employees who is a PT when he came in. Hopefully I'll get a call tomorrow. Anyway......I have a new pair of shoes......

Happy running!


  1. I love Writing Workshop. I never considered myself a good writing teacher - and still don't - but certainly feel better about it since WW. And the students love it. What age do you teach?

    I keep track of my shoes and go for 500 miles. They do say 300 to 500. I always get new ones then and they never look worn.

  2. I am so ADD when I am in a class. I totally understand why the kids are so antsy- I hate sitting still!