Saturday, July 17, 2010

Eat my words

So I guess you could say I can could go ahead and eat my words.

Remember all those posts about me begging for cross training advice because I couldn't afford a gym membership? Well....yea.....

I joined a gym.

Go ahead. You can say.....whatever it is you say to someone who says they won't do something and then they go ahead and do it.....

I do have reasons for going back on what I said I wouldn't do.

#1 My friend who belongs to this gym with her family told me that they were waiving the enrollment fee if you joined during the summer. Despite all the website digging I did, I could not find their prices and could not confirm my suspicions about the enrollment fee. When I went up and had my tour I found out that their enrollment fee was $200!!!!! Now you see why I wouldn't join before. I knew it would be outrageous. So glad I waited.

#2 I know they have great variety of classes. I'm not much for working out on machines....which is why I haven't joined the $20/month Average Joe's Gym. They offer the same classes in the morning that they do in the evening. This will be great for when i go back to school. I work out in the morning in the summer and will have to switch to the afternoon when school starts. I was a Y member last summer and had to drop because their class schedule was so weak in the evening. They offered practically nothing after 3:00 for the entire week. Ugh!

#3 I know people who belong there. I am taking a class with the same girl who told me about the enrollment fee. She works out all the time and has invited me to work out with her on multiple occasions.

#4 It gets darn cold here in the winter. 'Nough said.

So far I have been to an aqua aerobics class and a yoga class. I'm looking forward to taking a beginner's spin class after half training is done. I'm working on a weekly class schedule for my remaining summer weeks. When the fall schedule is published, I'll come up with a new plan from there.


  1. I love my gym's classes. I think you'll be glad you joined the gym just for the classes alone.