Sunday, July 18, 2010

Long Run Sunday

Today was our long run. Husband and I woke up early to tackle the 9-miler we had planned. I made him stick with me for the first 4.5 miles because I didn't know when we needed to turn around.

Too bad the Brown Monster was waiting to attack me around mile 2!!!!! Luckily we were running the trail and mile 2 includes a forest preserve with bathrooms. Score! I managed to make the next 5 miles without a problem. At the turn-around, though, Husband decided he'd had enough of my slow-poke pace (You can't expect a 6'4" man to keep up with a 5'1" for very long. It's just not physically possible.) So, I really did this run on my own.

The low point of my run was when I stopped back at the same forest preserve to grab a drink. Even though it was early, it was very humid and the heat was creapin' up there. The only drinking fountain at the preserve was a water pump. I knew that Husband was going to stop and refill the water bottle he was carrying so I was hoping to catch him. Just as I came within sight, I saw him leaving. Oh well. I tried my hardest to pump that darn thing but I was just too tired. Some chick in her fancy shorts was lying on a picnic table, stretching, and watching my misery. Did she help me? Nope. I was so tired, exhausted, frustrated, and thirsty that I started crying. I stood there panting and crying and trying to pump this darn thing for about 5 minutes before something actually came out. That was when a gentleman I had passed on the trail stopped and pumped the pump for me. He was very nice. After I guzzled more water that I should have out of frustration, I thanked him and continued on my way.

For the last 2 miles, I managed a fairly decent-paced run/walk situation. There was more running than walking though, which made me happy. I needed to walk because all that water created some fantastic cramps in my sides. Ouch! That's what I get for being greedy.

I have noticed that I really enjoy running without my iPod. I ran the first 4.5 miles without it because I was with Husband. After we split up, I put my headphones in, but I couldn't seem to get into the music. I kept taking them out and just listening to my stride. It was rather interesting.

When we got home, I spent 20 minutes in an ice bath and am happy to report that I am not sore right now. My knees are not happy, but I think that is them telling me that I need new shoes.

Any advice on whether or not I should get some this close to a big race? Should I just get them and start breaking them in now and run the half in my old shoes? Or should I get them and then walk around in them a lot and do the rest of my training in them and then wear them for the half? My knees are really, really not happy.


  1. How close are you? I always wear new shoes with only 10 or so miles on them for a half and a marathon.

  2. The race is August 1st, I've only got 12 days left!!!

  3. i think you should get new shoes now. and by now i mean NOW! haha there is nothing worse for your knees than dead shoes. I think if you start using them this week you will be just fine! I really don't believe that you have to ease into new shoes. Go for it! my first run in my latest pair of shoes was 14 miles and my legs were very happy =) Congrats on your long run! can't wait to meet you!