Monday, July 26, 2010

Things that happened today:

1. Woke up at 5:30 to go for a 6-mile run with Husband. Held off a Brown Monster attack until after mile 3....but things didn't go well after that. This is really starting to get to me. My confidence about the half next week is really shaky because all I can think about is spending all my time in a port-a-potty.

2. Went to Yoga at the gym. I was excited about the class because I went to a beginner's class two weeks ago taught by the instructor and really liked her. Sadly, she was on vacation. There was a sub who was rather distracting.

3. Saving grace of the day....I became an aunt!!!!!!!! My sister-in-law gave birth this morning to a beautiful 8 lbs 3 oz baby boy. Yay!!! He is going to be spoiled rotten :) We're going to visit him right now :)


  1. Oh, that stinks. Literally. Ha ha, that was funny :) All kidding aside, that is really frustrating. It happened to me recently. Other than making sure you go potty beforehand I don't know what else to offer other than some sympathy. That's why I like early morning running; I can take care of business first.

    Hope you can figure something out. Congrats on becomming an Auntie!

  2. Congrats to your family on the new addition!