Sunday, February 6, 2011

Titletown Here I Come!!!

The Packers Won the Superbowl!!!!!

Husband and I are big-time Cheeseheads and are really excited about this one!

We're even more excited to be running the Cellcom Green Bay Half Marathon in May! Mile 13 finishes with a lap around Lambeau field! This will be 10x's more awesome now that the Lombardi trophy is coming back to where it belongs!

Anyways......the training report.

I did my 5 mile run today like I was supposed to! (be proud of me) We had gotten another inch or so of snow and the neighborhood hadn't been plowed yet when I started. The temps were in the upper 20's, so I brought Bentley with me. He had a good time dodging snowplows and slipping on packed spots with me. I only kept him for a mile before I dropped him back at home because he was messing with my form. And...he can't run 5 miles in the cold like this.

As I dropped him at home the Brown Monster did a sneak attack on me. Luckily I was at home and it wasn't a problem. After buisiness was taken care of, I headed back out for the last 4 miles. I ran what we call "The Box" because it is a long out-and-back route across a corn field that is about 2 miles long and forms two sides of...well....a box...if you look at it from the air. When I hit the turn around at mile 2.5 the Brown Monster started to bother me again. Again?!?! Seriously?!? With almost 2 feet of snow surrounding me off the road....well, you get the idea that I was able to "hold off an attack" until I got home. However.....I made it home with .5 miles to go! So, after buisiness was taken care of, I made myself finish that last .5 mile.

Total distance: 5 miles
Time: 54:40 (7 seconds better than last week!)

Two PT appointments and Two training runs on the schedule this week.

Happy Running!

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  1. The brown monster came after me on Sat and I visited the gas station.