Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Rule

I hereby establish a new rule......

......no school e-mail checking after 4:00 PM!!!............

Why you ask? Because of bitchy parents who refuse to take responsibility for their rotten, snotty children. This woman makes me want to jump of the roof just so I'll never hear from her again. This kid is the reason why I question why I want to have children.

I was having a good after-school experience, great PT workout, great 3 mile treadmill run, great dinner, etc. And then......I checked that darn e-mail.

ARGH!!!!! This is the part of teaching that I hate :(


  1. You for another run. Nothing like stress to help you get the miles in. ;)

  2. Yes, i NEVER check my work email once i get home. Nothing that can't wait until the next day is my motto! :)