Monday, February 21, 2011


After last week's temperature teaser (it was in the 50's here and made it to 60 briefly by Friday) I am soooo ready for Spring. Winter is my favorite season because I look better in winter clothing :) can get a little boring after a while. Inside is only so interesting. I miss the sun. I miss being able to take Bentley on every run and not worry about if he'll freeze his paws off. This cold is getting to me.

Today I ran my rescheduled 4-miler on the trail. I usually never go to the trail by myself, but today I did. It had been raining all night and somewhere before dawn it switched over to freezing rain and everything had a nice slick coating on it. Bentley even slipped off the deck when I let him out this morning. Husband had school and it's supposed to snow this afternoon. Ah! What to do?!?

Well....I chose the lonely trail because it's gravel and was less likely to be slippery. I was right. I also chose the trail because it is tree-lined and was less likely to be as windy as other places. I was right. Overall, it was a good run. I felt slow and heavy but when I checked Pedro at the finish he read 43:49 and I didn't feel too bad. I'm dying at the end of my runs again and that concerns me. :( GB is only 82 days away! AH!

On the bright side, Husband and I bought plane tickets to Orlando in June! It's official we're really going! Yay! Mickey here we come :)


  1. I hated that when i lived in Arkansa & Missouri. How one day it would be perfect and then they'd call for snow the next day!

    Yay for Orlando!!

  2. Winter is the devil. Bring it on Spring!!!