Monday, October 25, 2010

Run Run Run

Finally used up all my lazy points and put my running shoes on. I even dug my "new" shoes out of the closet that I bought back in July. I decided when I bought them not to wear them. I did a trial run in them and didn't feel a difference in my knee pain at the time. So I decided to save them until my "old" shoes were finally old.

The run was 2 miles in just over 20 minutes. Not bad for spending so much time on the lazy train. Only 19 days until the Sarasota Classic. I've gotta do this more often in the next couple weeks :)


  1. Lazy points lol, I like that.

    Not a bad pace there for being on the lazy train :)

  2. Someone new shoes help me brush off the lazys. Glad you got out there.