Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lazy Train

After the PR at the Stonebridge 5K I decided to take a day or two off....

....It's been over a week.


School drama got in the way of fitness. (yes I do have an excuse for everything) Double Masters class last week on top of our building Principal telling us she was resigning effective Friday (48 hours notice...suspicious if you ask me) kinda stressed me out.

However, I do plan to get a run in some time this week. I can't be a Lazy Butt for ever. just less than a month I have my next race....The Sarasota 5K Classic for Special Olympics! My sister and I are doing this one while we're in Florida for our Aunt and Uncle's 40th anniversary party! I don't know if I'm going for a PR or just for fun. Haven't discussed this with my sister. She super fast and I don't know if she's planning on racing this one or just doing it with me for fun. Should probably check on that...

Congrats to Lisa on finishing the Nike Woman's Half!!

Happy Running!


  1. sometimes when I take a "planned day" off, it turns into many days! I try to just ride with it! Get back going and you'll jump right back into a routine.

  2. I plan on winning the Sarasota ;)

  3. I hear ya! Let's get a move on this week, okay?