Saturday, October 2, 2010

List of things to do:

This is a list of what I have to do and want to accomplish this week.

  • Run at least 3 times to get my confidence in place for my race on Saturday the 9th.
  • Get my lessons planned by Thursday.
  • Wash the dishes in my kitchen by Monday night or set the sink on fire...
  • Don't kill anyone for "stress-relief purposes"
  • Read a chapter of a book for fun.
Ok.....if I add anything more to this list, I run the risk of not accomplishing anything because I'm trying to still do too much. After a series of "clarifying moments" last week I realized that I need to slow down and breathe. Thank goodness we get Columbus Day off!!!

I feel like my running is in a good place right now. I know that Saturday's race will be great! The best part is that the starting line is only 5 minutes from my house :)

Happy running this week!

1 comment:

  1. Sweet! Good luck with your list of short goals... hope you don't burn down the house.