Thursday, October 7, 2010

Not my best

Today is conference day. That means that I don't have to be at school until noon! That also means that I can't leave school until 7:30 tonight. Boo!

That also means that I could get a run in this morning! Yay!.....well.....I thought so anyway.

I decided that Bentley and I would just run our hilly neighborhood today for the sake of time. We suited up and headed out. Weather was perfect. Everything was looking good. Then everything started to break down.

  • Legs felt slow and heavy
  • Almost rolled my ankle twice
  • My breathing was out-of-sync and I was coughing (still sick)
  • Over dressed for the run and I was getting too hot
  • Bentley was pulling because I couldn't drop the leash in the neighborhoods (he doesn't know how to run in a straight line yet)
  • Brown Monster attack and I didn't make it home :( (worst part of the run...hasn't happened since July!!!)
  • There were some rolling hills that kicked my butt.
  • I had to take 2 walk breaks.
  • Distance: 2.74 miles Time: 30:27.6 Pace 11:08
Yup. I kinda felt like a failure when I crossed the finish crack-in-the-road. But then I remembered that all runners have off days. I did a spin workout this week and had a great 2-mile run on Tuesday. Those two things alone were enough to make this run just seem like a no-big-deal kinda thing. The big thing is that I got up and ran this morning instead of sleeping 'til 11:00 like I wanted to.

Let's hope these parents are good today :) Off to get my conference on!


  1. Amen, sister! Great attitude! One more thing to look forward to.... nice, quiet, relaxing bath this weekend in YOUR OWN bathroom. Haha! Keep up the awesome work! You rock!

  2. Hope your conferences went well. We had open house tonight.