Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Back to Normal

Yesterday was a bad day. Today was much better!!!!!

School was more successful and the weather was gorgeous!

Husband and I even made it out for a run on the trail. I love how green things are starting to become! We decided we would do about 2 miles because we hadn't run since the 5K on the 3rd. My legs really didn't want to run but my mind did. It felt great to get out there again. The best thing was that when we made it back to the car, 2.23 miles didn't even seem all that far! Now I feel like a real runner :) 2.23 miles isn't that far! Ha!

I'm hoping to get in 2 more runs this week. One on Thursday and another on Friday. That might be switched to Friday and Saturday because it might rain on Thursday.

To prove that it was a really great day......I mailed in my registration for the Cinco de Mayo 5K on May 1st :)

Boy am I hungry....too bad I'm not making anything interesting enough to do a Tasty Tuesday about :( But maybe everyone needs another boring recipe to add to their files.


  1. Oh a Cinco de Mayo 5k sounds fun. I wish we had one here. Do they give you chips and salsa at the end??? Now that would be an awesome race.

  2. No. But the winners of the age groups get medals and sombreros!

  3. May 5th (Cinco meaning 5 in Spanish and Mayo meaning May). But the race is on the 1st because the 5th a Wednesday. :)

  4. Way to go!! It's so cool to see how much you have improved. :)

  5. Pretty soon you'll be saying a 5k is an easy run! :) Cinco de May race...yay! I love how things are greening up too!

  6. I am doing a Cinco de Mayo race and we get burritos at the end! Yum - I am excited.

    I am always looking for good, easy recipes so post away!