Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"long" run

Ok....so 4 miles is my version of a long run. Ha! One of these days it'll be a real "long" run. But for now, 4 is cool.

I combined two of the new routes I've run in the past week or so. These routes are pretty. They're older, more established neighborhoods with beautiful landscaping. One backs up to a golf course! I'm mentally logging all these things husband and I need to do to our house. In order to get to both of them though, I need to run through an under-construction neighborhood. The streets aren't paved yet, just gravel. My ankles and knees aren't too thrilled with it.

Ok....I started this post 20 minutes ago. I can't think of what else to say. Good run. Want to do it again on Thursday.


  1. Nice job. I'm working on making my long run longer too. We'll get there. Take care!

  2. Great job! 4 miles is a great distance. Ice those knees and ankles if they hurt - it really helps!

  3. You have to start somewhere. I remember when my long runs were 6 miles. Now they are over 11. And now that I am recovering, they are 2.5. All a matter of perspective.

  4. Baby steps, friend. Four miles = longer than three! Long run is relative. We all start at the beginning. :)

    I like to look at houses in our neighborhood when I run, too. Love architecture.

    Happy running!!

    HUGS from Orlando...

  5. Thinking of stuff to do to the house is endless...