Monday, April 12, 2010

Remember me?

I am going insane here! Time and money are running through my fingers like water. Where is my life going?

It has been over a week since my last run. I've been "resting" my knee.....more like just being lazy. I'm glad the weather is getting nicer and I can finally squeeze in some after-work runs....assuming I can work up the motivation to do them.

I turn 25 on the 25th and I feel like I should be turning 35. Never have I felt so old. Happy golden birthday to me.

Ok...I need to lighten up here. Today was just a bad day. Hopefully next week I can look back on this post and laugh.


  1. Oh you are just a baby. Enjoy your 20s...they go by soooo quickly.

    Sorry today wasn't a good one. Tomorrow is a new day and I bet it will be better.


  2. i expect a fully happy post tomorrow =)

  3. 25 was a hard number for me too...quarter of a century my X would tell me. I didn't like to hear that. It's just one of those off days for you. Have a fantastic day!!!