Sunday, April 4, 2010

Arny Johnson Race Report

I can't believe the title of this post. About 1 year ago I told my husband that he was nuts for training for a half-marathon. And now I have completed my first 5K race and am planing on training for that same half-marathon I called "crazy" last year. Wow. for the good stuff.

I had absolutely no idea what to expect from this race....especially because it was raining when we woke up. We got up around 6:30 and left our home around 7:15. We had forgotten to pick up our race packet the night before and wanted to make sure we got there in time. Well...we did. It was a long hour before we had to even begin getting ready to run.

It was a very small race and the high school gym we were in was only 1/4 of the way occupied....but we were very early. I checked the race information poster board and noticed that the race would follow a bike path that I had ridden last summer. It would be an out and back thing. After we picked up our numbers, we noticed that there was a lot of information about upcoming races on another table. I spent a lot of time looking through brochures and getting excited about running more races. My husband noticed that his principal was running the race and kept talking about how he had to beat him :) (That didn't happen. That guy is fast!)

As the time got closer, the gym and hallway started to fill up and we began to stretch. My legs were tight and my knee was bothering me. It was still raining. The 10 mile race began at 8:30. It was very inspiring to watch those people get ready. At 8:32 my husband and I got into our position for our race. We jumped around and stretched some more. As the corral filled up I realized that I probably didn't want to be at the front with him. There is no way I could have kept up with him and lasted the whole I kissed him good luck and moved toward the back.

When that gun went off I felt a huge rush. I knew I needed to keep my pace in check and not run, run, run. Things felt pretty comfortable and I worked my way through the crowd and kept an eye on my husband waaaaay up ahead. My knee and my shin gave me absolutely no problems!!! I steadily worked my way past the other runners.

I checked my watch at mile 1 and it said 9:46. I was stoked! As I passed the water station the leaders were already working their way back to the finish. (The female course record is 17:44!!!) I high-fived my husband at about mile 1-1/4. At the turn around I was behind one of the kids that was running the race. I couldn't believe the amount of kids that ran this race! It was great to see. I followed him for about 1/2 a mile and then passed him. I wasn't going to "lose" to a kid in my first race :)

The run back was tough. I did slow to a trot about 3 times just to catch my breath because my lungs were acting up. I grabbed a cup at the water station and didn't realize that it was Gatorade until I splashed it all over my face and down my shirt...with a little bit dribbling into my mouth. How the heck are you supposed to drink from a cup while running?!?!? With about 1/2 mile to go I ended up behind a woman with bright pink shorts. I just couldn't get my pace up enough to pass her. As we rounded the corner and could see the finish line I was passed by another woman wearing wings. I thought....awww hell no! I hadn't been passed for the entire race and it wasn't going to happen now!

The finish line was at the end of the parking lot and it was a straight shot. I kicked it up and smoked them both! My husband was waiting for me just by the finish line and was cheering me on. I felt like I was flying! It was amazing! After I crossed the line we had to wait in a line and give a tag from our bib to the timer.

My official time was 30:25. Awesome! I was 6th in my age group and thought that was pretty great. My husband took 1st in his age group with a time of 26:50. (This is the part where I don't tell you that he was the only guy in his age group :)......) He also accomplished this with a sprained ankle. He rolled his ankle about 1/2 mile in and had to hobble. But he sucked it up and made it through. (He's been icing it since we got home though.)

Overall it was a great experience. I can't wait until the next race. I don't know if my time will improve, and I don't much mind right now if it doesn't.

Today....I love running!

Husband is doing just fine.

And I forgot to add that the iPod gods were with me during the whole race. Heard my favorite Fort Minor-Remember the Name as we hit the 1/4 mile mark. As I was hitting the last leg I heard my new favorite running song: Guru Josh Project-Infinity. It totally made me feel like a hard core runner as I kicked butt across the finish line.



  1. I always tell myself that I may have been one of the few in my age group but the rest were home sitting on the couch and I certainly beat them! He won the age group for sure! Good job. Glad you had fun! I love seeing kids race too. I am doing a 2 person relay at the end of May with my principal. He is much faster than I am.

  2. Great job Jamie! Sounds like it was a good ecperience for you. Hope your husband is ok.

  3. Awesome, Jamie! Aren't races SO fun??? And your time is great too! I love seeing kids running 5ks. A lot of them even beat me. I've learned to accept that. They're fast little buggars!

  4. congrats! that's an awesome time! Can't wait to read your first half report =)

  5. Sweet race report! You did so awesome.

    Drinking from a cup is an art I haven't mastered. Pinching the top of the cup so the edges are together helps. If I drink gatorade I expect to be sticky from head to toe.