Saturday, January 8, 2011

*Instert Motivational Theme Music Here*

That's right's time!

Time for what you ask?

Half-marathon training time!

For those of you who have noticed, the Daily Mile race ticker shows 127 days until the Cellcom Green Bay Half Marathon on May 15th. I'm looking for a PR and want to get started as soon as possible to build up to my full potential and to build slow enough to avoid injury.

The plan: I'm going to follow the group training plan put out by Prevea Sports. I checked it out HERE and it looks like it fits my criteria....builds slowly and runs 3 times a week. With school, after-school tutoring, keeping my house clean, and trying to stay sane I can really only manage 3 days a week right now. There is a cross-training day in there which I will be completing at the gym. The runs I need to complete in the next 2 months are short enough for me to complete on a treadmill.....this makes me happy because it keeps me going to the gym and not feeling like I'm "wasting" my membership. Also, I can only run after school and it's pretty darn dark after school which equals "not safe" for me. As spring approaches, I'll transition to all outside running when it's lighter outside after school and warmer. I'll probably toss some yoga in there on the "rest days" just so I can keep stretching.

The down side: I'm all alone this time. Husband is planning on running GB with me and so is Sister. But Sister is running the full and lives 3 hours away and Husband is consumed with wrestling season and doesn't get home until 6:30 at night on practice days and near 10:00 on meet days. He will start his training on the treadmill in the weight room at school so that he's not late for practice. That leaves me to train all by my lonesome. I think I'll be just fine for the first 2 months because the runs are short and manageable. But the longer runs might mess with my head and motivation.

How I plan to deal with motivation loss: Blog, blog, blog!!!!! I'm counting on you guys to help me through this! Also, I told my students that I was starting my training and that they needed to ask me about my runs. I'll feel guilty telling them that I "didn't do my homework" and hopefully that will help keep me on track too! Husband will be done with wrestling by March and can run with me again. The trail should be all thawed out and uncovered by then.

I did complete day 1 of training yesterday. 2 miles, outside, in the freezing cold, with Mr. Bentley. Not bad on time but I was really focusing on covering the 2 miles. The time will come with training.

Wish me luck! Happy Running!


  1. You've got this!! You're going to do great!

  2. You can do it. I start half marathon training in about 2 weeks. We can help each other.

  3. I start this coming week too! You can do it - 3 days is very manageable!!

  4. Woo hoo!!! I am here to help motivate you. Feel free to send me emails if you need a pep talk, to vent or give updates. cheinle at cox dot net.

    The three day week plan is awesome. Plans that have you running 6 and 7 days a week lead to injury. The plan to have your kids keep on you is great too. You know they'll be asking you! When you do your treadmill running, set your incline to 1%. That mimics outside running and will make the transition to outdoor runs easier.