Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'm training for what?!?

Yup....skipped 'em all this week.

Due to PT, staff meetings, and family in town to do "family" things, I have not seen one ounce of daylight after 7:00 am when I leave for work. Or eaten at my house. Or gotten home before 9:30 at night. I've also not corrected on single paper this week leaving me with a 25lbs bag to take to Grandpa's this afternoon :(

But.....PT went well! And I'm going back next week.....and every week in February for that matter.

Also.....Run, Zoe, Run is hosting another giveaway! I wasn't lucky enough to win the last one, but this one looks great! It's all about personal pampering and if you know me, that's really what I'm all about :)

Better luck next week!


  1. I finally did the 7 Things post you gave me if you want to check it out.

    Good luck with finding time to train!

  2. Glad PT went well! Sounds like you had an insanely busy week...hoping this week's better!

  3. Glad the PT is going well. The exercises to strengthen butts/glutes are going to be awesome for you.